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1977 – 2021

RCCSA Celebrating over 44 years of supporting one of ‘Britain’s Finest’ cars. 

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Formed in 1977, the Rover Car Club of South Australia celebrated its 40th Anniversary in 2017. Since its inception it has grown in member size and is a club that is highly regarded by its peers within Australia. Over its 40-year history it has been instrumental in launching some great events here in South Australia, the main one being in 1986 when its British Breakfast would ultimately become the now famous All British Day held each February.

The club members have a great array of vehicles manufactured by Rover from the 1920s through to the last of “Britain’s Finest”, the ‘75’ in 2004. The greatest number of Rovers in the club are the P5/P5B series with no less than 21 great examples. It is interesting to note that the P4 or “Auntie” model has grown to 12 fine examples. Of the post war Rover P3, which celebrates its 70th Anniversary in 2018, the club enjoys 15 of these fine vehicles in its fleet (0.2% of Rover’s production!). Not forgetting the Land Rover, which also celebrated its 70th Anniversary in 2018, the club having a good representation of these from over the years.

During each year the club hosts a great cross section of ‘fun runs’ and events for members along with guest presenters at its monthly general meetings. Our members are progressive, social and accepting of all new members who share the Rover passion.

Please enjoy our website which highlights not only our club and its activities through great stories and pictures but also “Britain’s Finest”, Rover vehicles. If you too share our interest and passion for these wonderfully, well engineered advanced in their time, British motor vehicles then why not contact us now as we are offering a great incentive to join our club. Join the club for one dollar, with all of the benefits, see our membership page for more information. I hope to see you at one of our great events soon.

Join us in “Rovering On”

Brian Rippon President


If you wish to join a group of like-minded rover enthusiasts do it NOW! As a very special opportunity the RCCSA are offering membership for $1. (Yes ONE Dollar)

See the membership page of this site for more details and an application form!



Roverdrive, the magazine of the Rover Car Club of SA is published monthly and the September edition is available for members to download now. Our latest edition includes recognition of a valued club member awarded the Rowley Jones Shield, and membership certificates awarded to members who have been in the club for 10, 20, 30, and 40 years! A report on the successful mid-week run, an excellent technical article from Jamie, restoring his 1927 Bean, plus parts and vehicles wanted and for sale, and more!

Members can also view all electronic editions of Roverdrive on the members onlypage of this website.

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