Club Events Calendar


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 RCCSA CLUB CALENDAR                         September 2021 to  December 2021

September 12 Arthur Clisby Memorial Run
26 Sunday – Bay to Birdwood  Cancelled for 2021
29 OGM                                                                                                                           CCC Glandore 7.30pm
October 24 Sunday Run to Strathalbyn TBA
27 OGM                                                                                                                           CCC Glandore 7.30pm
November 24 Bonnets up and tech pods                                                                                       CCC Glandore 7.30pm
December 11 Saturday – RCCSA Christmas party




Check your Roverdrive or the events page on this website for more details on events.


RCCSA Extreme Weather Policies

Where the temperature is forecast for the day of our Club fun run to be 35°C or higher, our organised run will be cancelled. Externally organised events may have their own criteria—please check their information.
In the event of an officially broadcast catastrophic weather warning or equal circumstance, predicted for the day of an RCCSA event, activity or meeting cancellation of that club activity will be mandatory.
Recognised forecasts for either policy will be that which is still broadcast by ABC radio or via the BOM website the day prior to or the morning of any scheduled event.


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